The B Loved Story


In 2016 I started making products as a form of therapy. Failed IVF had left me feeling completely lost and I felt like such a failure. My stepfather had terminal cancer and it was devastating to watch him get so ill and pass away. It was a stressful few years.

I had a successful recruitment agency that I had started in 2009 but it was getting difficult to sustain because my mental health was so bad. I’d lost all confidence and was finding it difficult to be around people which made it very difficult to deal with candidates and clients and the fast paced nature of the job.

I started making products. I started using essential oils but although I loved the aroma, I didn’t understand their properties and I didn’t understand the safety aspects. Not wanting to cause any damage or make unsafe products, I decided to do a diploma in aromatherapy and essential oil science along with some product making courses. This enabled me to learn everything I needed to know to make the best blends and products.

3 years later I have a wellbeing brand which is natural and vegan friendly and consists of aromatherapy candles and bath and body products. Making gives me a form of escape.

Something positive can always come from something negative. So if you are struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, loss, a sense of failure please know that things can get better and even take you in a completely different direction.

I hope you enjoy B Loved products as much as I enjoyed creating them.

With love xxx